"We’re pushing boundaries to make weddings easy, modern, and accessible for couples and vendors."

We were tired of outdated ways of wedding planning,
and visiting multiple platforms to get things done.
So we created a better way to do things.
We are on a MISSION

Before Suite, there was no one platform that would allow you to plan and book every single detail of your wedding.

We love a good wedding.

But after getting married in 2018, we realized how much work (and money) goes into putting on a great wedding. Let’s be honest, wedding planning can be a total nightmare. Before Suite, there was no one platform that would allow you to plan and book every single detail of your wedding.

We wracked our brains while building: “Why is there only one major platform that allows you to (sort-of) plan your wedding?”
“Why can’t there be a platform that allows you to book your honeymoon and also manage your guest list?” "Why can’t everyone have their dream wedding?”

During our own wedding planning process we had vendors cancel and contracts get lost, the list of mishaps was endless. We realized we weren’t alone. We heard from countless couples who said their wedding planning experience was less than ideal. We wanted an easier way to do it.
So we created an easier way to do it.

What makes us different?

We created a platform people like working in.

We created Suite to reflect not only the modern couple’s needs, but also the modern worker’s needs. The wedding industry remains unchanged in the midst of technological revolution. It’s time to catch up.
We built features that actually make a difference
We let sellers take active ownership over their work
The platform will evolve with time

We're passionate about people first, profits later.

We’re in a unique position to personally feel the needs of both sides of our platform.
We’ve run our own businesses as freelancers, and we’ve been through the wedding planning process. We wanted to build a company that not only serves couples getting married, but also empowers and encourages creativity and freedom for business owners.
On-demand support
Access to benefits
Intuitive Couple and Seller connection

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with weddings.

Times are changing. We think what's possible with weddings should too.
An innovative industry-first platform
Accessible payment options
Get to execution faster

Our Ethos is the backbone of Suite.

At Suite, we believe in diversity in people and thought, inclusion, and care about the planet. It’s important to us that our Sellers match our Couples–people from rich diverse backgrounds, beliefs, socio-economic status, and locations. We will always strive to find ways for more inclusion, acceptance, and conservation.
Fair and equitable treatment and access
We put our money where our mouth is with our advocacy
We are open, honest, and welcome feedback

Your wedding planning process simplified on Suite

Suite gives you an easy and transparent planning portal
It’s always free to use
It’s fully customizable so you get exactly what you need

We are a small team who know our users -
because we've been them.

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Co-Founder & CEO
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